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    The unemployment rate fell by almost 18 percent in one year

    The Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Darija Kisic said that Serbia manages, despite numerous challenges, to create new jobs and reduce the unemployment rate.

    During the presentation of contracts to users of the self-employment subsidy in Belgrade, she said that the unemployment rate in May 2022, compared to the same month last year, was lower by 17.7 percent, and the rate at the level of Belgrade was lower by as much as 25.4 percent.

    Kisic said and her office announced that the self-employment subsidies gave exceptional results, which is why this year the financial assets for their realization were increased.

    „This year, 50 unemployed people in Belgrade received subsidies for starting their own business, for which RSD 16 million were set aside through joint funds of state and the City of Belgrade,“ said Kisic.

    She added that it is a pleasure to be with creative, young people, who are starting their own business, and the state is there to help them realize their dreams and give them the initial wind in their sails.“

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