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    The President announced a TWO-DIGIT increase in pensions and minimum wages

    The state will increase pensions by 18.2 percent next year, said Aleksandar Vucic and announced an increase in the minimum wage, as well as salaries in the public sector.

    He said that talks with the IMF are commencing, but given that a large number of pensions is at the level of around 9.1 percent of GDP, there is room for increasing pensions.

    At the opening of the part of the bypass around Belgrade, Vucic said that state had been saving in the previous period and it was not wasting money prior to the elections.

    „Whoever buys elections, that always comes around,“ said Vucic and announced an increase in pensions, minimum wage, and salaries in the public sector.

    „Pensioners will have the largest increase in pensions in I don’t know how many decades, essentially and in real terms. On two occasions – one until the end of the year, November or December, and the other from January 1st,“ said Vucic.

     The average salary to exceed EUR 710 in March of 2023

    „We have done all our calculations and secured the funds,“ the president added.

    Vucic also announced that the minimum wage will be increased by 12, 13, and maybe even 14 percent, but in a way not to burden employers and jeopardize the arrival of foreign investors.

    Namely, that burden will be taken over by the state, which will allocate 300 million annually, Vucic explained.

    President expressed the expectation that the average salary in March 2023 will amount to more than EUR 710, and he also announced a „double-digit increase in salaries in the public sector“.

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