The mystery of Yumco: Russians explained the DISAPPEARANCE and announced SOLUTION

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    The mystery of Yumco: Russians explained the DISAPPEARANCE and announced SOLUTION

    There is a real possibility that the entire Vranje based furniture plant “Spilit“ is sold, and production is restarted, the “Novosti” daily report. After owners and management of “Spilit“ suddenly disappeared a few days ago, leaving around 400 production workers hanging out in the wind, as well as numerous furniture buyers from “Nefa“ stores, the situation might change. According to information, the town officials managed to get in touch with Russian owner Andrei Hodasevic on Friday afternoon. The “Novosti” daily report that Russian owner notified officials from Vranje he wants and intends to sell plant in this town, and when asked why he left the company and workers over night, Hodasevic said he was displeased with management and goods. During his conversation with town officials he pointed out that business was bad lately, the quality of products was unsatisfying, as confirmed by frequent complaints. Because of that, he said, his business suffered. Workers, on the other hand, say they had a lot of work, almost no one used annual vacation, and they produced goods not only for Serbian market, but market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Slovenia. Regardless of the excuses now being published by the Russian businessman, the most important thing for workers as well as the town is that there is a chance to overcome the present situation, to which employees are hoping for.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

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