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    The high-speed railway is already operational, yet half a million people are „cut off“ from Belgrade

    Due to the decision of public railways, around 500,000 inhabitants of a part of Srem and the Macva region were cut off from the capital, without a direct train line to Belgrade from Sid, Sremska Mitrovica and Ruma, Loznica and Sabac.

    Therefore, according to the citizens of these two Serbian regions, are asking why this is so, although there are all the technical and traffic preconditions for at least a dozen trains a day, in both directions.

    The Chinese and Russians built a high-speed railway over the eastern part of Srem, while the western part of Srem, where there is a two-track railway from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is cut off.

    Trains travel from Sid to Golubinci and turn there, although there is a technical possibility to continue towards Belgrade. Moreover, in the timetable from December last year, eight departures a day are planned from Sid to Belgrade Centre and back.

    In the meantime, due to a delay in the construction of the high-speed railway, this timetable has been temporarily reduced to six departures and up to Batajnica, where, according to the web portal, passengers would transfer to the BG train.

    In reality, although the high-speed railway started a long time ago, the ride still ends in Golubinci, and once a day passengers from Golubinci are transferred by rented buses to Batajnica, which Serbian railways, otherwise budget users, pay to private companies.

    When there are no trains, citizens are forced to pay for bus tickets, which prices increased enormously in the recent period, in order to be transported to Belgrade or vice versa, to the Mitrovica hospital, which jurisdiction also extends to the municipalities of Indjija and Stara Pazova.

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