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    Decrees on incentives for the employment of foreigners and support for millers adopted

    The Serbian government has adopted a series of decrees and decisions, including the Decree on the criteria for granting incentives to employers who employ newly settled persons in Serbia.

    The decree represents an important measure for the adjustment of employers to the new business conditions in the internationally competitive market in times of significant inflation, it is stated in the announcement.

    The decree will enable incentives to domestic employers while maintaining the same fiscal burden, so that wages paid to foreign nationals or domestic returnees, as well as persons educated abroad, are competitive with the wages of foreign employers.

    The decree will ensure Serbia’s development as a relevant participant in the international market, by supporting the competitiveness of domestic employers, and at the same time will influence the improvement of demographic picture in Serbia.

     RSD 160 million for millers

    The Decree on the extraordinary intervention measure to support flour producers was also adopted. The Government has allocated RSD 160,000,000 for those purposes.

    The support will refer to producers registered to perform the milling activity on November 15th, 2021, who delivered flour in packages of up to five kilograms (including five kilograms) of the „T-400 smooth“ and „T-500“ type.

    This will maintain the current volume of flour production and prevent potential market disruption that could lead to shortages.

    Members of the Government amended the Decision on the temporary restriction of exports of basic agricultural and food products important for the population, which, to facilitate the export of this type of product, now introduces quantitative restrictions on exports on a quarterly basis instead of monthly, as previously planned. It is emphasized in the announcement, that this measure was adopted to prevent the shortage of those products.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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