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    The first Serbian charger for electric cars

    The first Serbian charger for electric cars is made, tested, and prior to the first installation it will be exhibited at the International Car Show in Belgrade, which begins on March 22nd.

    The charger will draw a lot of attention and will be exhibited at the stand of the Association of Car Journalists of Serbia, next to best-selling hybrid and electric car, says the President of the Association Dragan Milutinovic. This year, besides election of the car of the year, state-of-the-art charger and e-vehicles will also represent an attraction.

    The first Serbian charger for electric cars is a product of the company IEEG from Stara Pazova, and according to company CEO Slavko Vujovic, it was created in collaboration with Belgrade based Faculty of Electrical Engineering, with assistance of the Serbian government and support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

    He explains for the “Novosti” daily that everything from software, hardware, all the way to mechanical parts, was designed and made in Stara Pazova. It is universal and currently compatible with all known electric vehicles.

    The charger is made according to all EU standards, but it also has an option to connect with vehicles that are made in the U.S. and China. The first charger will have 22 kilowatts. A 50-kilowatt charger is being developed as well, but we also started the project of a 125-kilowatt charger, intended for electric buses and trucks, Vujovic explains.

    The price of charger, according to this company, is very competitive to foreign companies, precisely because of the fact that it is made in Serbia. The first charger will be installed in Stara Pazova, following the car show.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: IEEG printscreen

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