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    The end of IT retraining: Only 17% of students found a job

    The National Employment Service has decided to terminate all retraining programs for the unemployed in the IT sector due to poor results, the B92 portal has reported.

    The decision was made on December 28 last year.

    Based on the decision of the National Employment Service, 21 training programs for different IT profiles are canceled, and only the training for 75 PHP programmers in Belgrade will remain, which was interrupted in the last round and it is now being completed. 

    In the explanation of the decision to stop the training for the most sought-after profession of today, it is stated that after the last round, only 17 percent of the students found a job, which is lower than expected, and the Serbian labor market does not need junior programmers.

    „Based on the analysis of the employment of the participants from the previously conducted phase which included 700 students, it was determined that due to the lower level of employment of junior developers, which amounts to 17 percent and which refers to those employed as programmers, it is necessary to terminate the procedure of public procurement of services of providing specialized IT training for the unemployed for the needs of the labor market,“ the decision states.

    Director of Vojvodina-based ICT Cluster Milan Solaja, whose retraining program was joined by the Government of Serbia, says that the results of the retraining will be good if there is a good selection of candidates, a good training program and lecturers, if there is good co-ordination and cooperation between those who perform training and companies.

    Izvor: B92

    Foto: Pixabay

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