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    Ljajic does not expect the sale of Telekom

    Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, Rasim Ljajic, has said that this year he does not expect the sale of Telekom Srbija.

    „I do not expect anything to happen regarding the sale of Telekom. There has always been, and there still is, interest, which has been expressed by various funds or companies. It all depends on the offers, but also on the business decision of Telekom. Whether it will go into the process of partnership, agreements, it is hard for me to say at this point,“ Ljajic told the Beta agency.

    He thinks that Telekom’s acquisitions, which have been undertaken by the public company recently, are in line with modern, market-based business.

    Ljajic said that the domestic telecommunications market was in line with global trends, where there were also serious crises, because certain services, such as Viber and Skype affected the decline in revenues, which is why, as he said, telecommunication operators had to find new ways to reach consumers, offering new services.

    „Our company, Telekom, had to react, because otherwise the market would exert its influence and there would have been a decline in the company’s revenue and value,“ the minister said.

    He said that the changes on the telecommunication market of Serbia, such as Telekom’s acquisitions and the arrival of the Czech PPF Fund, which took over Telenor Serbia, were good for consumers because in the market game consumers would be offered better quality services at more affordable prices.

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