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    The end of blockades in Serbia, final agreement with all farmers

    All farmers’ associations have accepted a proposal of the Serbian government, which automatically means the end of all protests and the removal of tractors from roads in every place in Serbia, the Government confirmed.

    In addition to the association „Stig“ and the group of citizens „Juzni Banat“, which accepted the Government’s proposal yesterday, other associations have now accepted the same proposal, such as the Initiative for the Survival of Serbian Farmers, farmers from Raca, Kragujevac, Novi Sad and all other towns and municipalities in Serbia.

    The Government proposed a final price of sunflower to agricultural producers of RSD 73 per kilogram, and the payment was agreed until October 15th of the current year. By the same agreement, the middleman’s margin is limited to a maximum of RSD 2.6, while the cost of transporting goods from the place of purchase to the oil mill is borne by the very oil mills.

    As for fuel, the incentive in the coming period will amount to RSD 20 per litre, for 50 litres per hectare, while the milk premium for one quarter in 2022 will increase to RSD 15.

    In addition, the Government undertook to talk with livestock farmers in the coming period, in connection with the establishment of measures in the livestock sector. By the same document, farmers were provided with a moratorium on loans for a period of 12 months.

    With this, a final agreement was reached with all farmers, which ended their protest that lasted for several days.

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