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    Complaint against city officials in Bor: Mayor as PR of Zijin?

    Representatives of the Citizens’ group „Loud for the youth“ raised an official complaint in the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption against the Mayor of Bor, Aleksandar Milikic, due to his functions in the company Zijin Copper, and a complaint was also filed against the member of City Council Danijel Aleksic for the same reasons.

    „Loud for the youth“ stated in the application that there is a suspicion that Milikic is a Member of the Public Relations Committee in that company, while Aleksic is a representative of that company.

    They also pointed out that the law strictly prohibits public officials’ participation in company bodies if there is a dependent relationship between that company and the public office.

    „In Bor, where mining is the main industry, there is no doubt that membership in bodies of these enterprises and functions in local self-government is in a dependent relationship,“ announced Loud for the youth, which has a single MP seat in the Bor City Assembly.

    That organization appealed to town officials to comply with the Law on Prevention of Corruption and renounce all positions in mining companies.

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