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    The Danas daily: Employees suing NBS

    A dispute between the authorities of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) and NBS Trade Union reached the court as well, when a hearing was held last week, based on the Union’s lawsuit in which they request of the court to oblige the National Bank to conclude a collective agreement.

    The hearing ended with a delay on indefinite period of time and request of the Union for exemption of a judge of the Higher Court in Belgrade, due to his biasness.

    Based on insights of the “Danas” daily, there is a battle in the central bank whether signing of collective agreement is necessary and who should sign it, as it will significantly determine the manner of employment in the National Bank in future.

    According to documents in which the “Danas” had insight, the NBS began negotiations with NBS Trade Union in this year’s April, and then in July, in the middle of negotiations on collective agreement, upon request of another trade union (SOSSNBS – “Sindikalna organizacija samostalnog sindikata Narodna banka Srbije”), representation of both trade unions was determined.

    Izvor: Danas

    Foto: Beta/Milan Obradović

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