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    Tax Administration identified ALL FREELANCERS, TAX EVASION can be imprisoned for up to 10 years

    The Tax Administration confirmed for the „Politika“ daily newspaper that it has identified all citizens who earned income from abroad, adding that it is able to continuously control them, i.e. „take all legally prescribed measures“ in order to collect.

    That body of the Ministry of Finance did not state how many freelancers it identified and did not specify how many of them do not pay taxes and contributions.

    The Tax Administration reiterated that the income individuals earn abroad is subject to taxation through the Law on Personal Income Tax within the Laws on Contributions for Compulsory Social Insurance.

    According to those laws, a person who earns income from abroad, but does not file a tax return, will be fined from RSD 5,000 to RSD 150,000, and if he does not pay the tax determined in the tax return, he will be fined 50 percent of the determined tax.

    The criminal law for tax evasion prescribes a fine and a sentence from one to five years in prison, if the amount of tax exceeds one million dinars.

    If the amount of the obligation exceeds five million dinars, in addition to the fine, a prison sentence of two to eight years is prescribed, while for amounts of over 15 million dinars of income, a prison sentence of three to ten years is prescribed.


    Izvor: Politika

    Foto: BIZLife

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