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    MPs made a choice: Dacic is the Assembly President

    The President of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), Ivica Dacic, was elected the new President of the Serbian Assembly.

    After the roll call and public voting, Dacic was supported by 225 MPs, while one vote was against.

    The election of Dacic was supported by the MPs of the „Aleksandar Vucic For Our Children“ list, the SPS party, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians and the Serbian Patriotic Alliance (SPAS).

    The biography of the new President of the Assembly states that he was born in Prizren in 1966, and that he graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences with an average grade of 10.

    Dacic has been a member of parliament since 1992, first in the Assembly of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, then in the Serbian Assembly, and today he came to the position of the President of the Assembly from the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

    The biography states that he „has decades of experience and results achieved in participation and management in various executive and legislative bodies“, he is the winner of the „Beast European“ award and speaks English and Russian language.

    In the discussion before the voting, it was estimated that, with Dacic at the helm, the Serbian Assembly will be „a symbol of democracy, efficiency and transparency“.

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