Sunrise at "White City": Air even MORE POLLUTED, experts claim - DON'T BELIEVE these data

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    Sunrise at “White City”: Air even MORE POLLUTED, experts claim – DON’T BELIEVE these data

    This morning, the air in Belgrade is even more polluted than on Tuesday, and it is classified as “very unhealthy” by the amount of suspended particles. Today, Kiev is the only capital city in Europe that is more polluted than the capital of Serbia, and in Belgrade, according to this morning’s measurements, published by the website World’s Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index, the concentration of 206 micrograms of particles per cubic meter of air was recorded. According to these data, there are only a few cities in Europe with more polluted air. With 182 micrograms per cubic meter, yesterday, Belgrade was in the category of the cities with unhealthy air, but today it already moved into the category of very unhealthy cities. This means that this is an emergency health situation that can affect the entire population living in the area. Local experts: Don’t believe these data – As reported by RTS, the measuring instruments of our Agency show quite different values. According to local experts, the air quality in the Serbian capital on Tuesday varied throughout the day from acceptable to heavily polluted.

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