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    Staklenac and about 80 houses in Belgrade to be demolished because of metro

    Belgrade City Manager Miroslav Cuckovic has confirmed that due to the construction of the Belgrade Metro, the Shopping Mall Staklenac will be removed at Trg Republike in the city centre, as well as about 80 houses.

    Cuckovic told RTS that at the session of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, the General Regulation Plan for the metro with 21 stations on the first line was adopted.

    The list of properties for demolition mostly includes privately owned houses at Bele Vode, about 21 residential units, three at Danube station and a certain number at Karaburma. Of course, those people will be compensated. The payment will be in cash, and those who are tenants will be relocated elsewhere, the city manager said.

    In connection with the planned construction of the metro for this year, he announced „three big things“: a depot for the metro, a boulevard next to the beginning of the railway track and a contract for a machine that will dig tunnels.

    He also said that Bajloni market would be reconstructed again and that it would remain „open type“.

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