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    Srbijagas announces gas prices per kilowatt hour

    The public company Srbijagas has published on its website the prices of gas for public supply per kilowatt hour, which will be valid from October 1.

    For the group of buyers „low consumption“, the tariff „energy“ amounts to 3.42 dinars per kilowatt-hour, and the collection of fees per place of delivery is 1,984.39 dinars per year.

    The price of off-peak, even and uneven consumption in the category below six bars, through the tariff „energy“ is 3.27 dinars per kilowatt hour, there are also tariffs „capacity“ from 7.88 to 19.59 dinars per kWh, and the tariff for the measuring point is 1,984.39 dinars.

    For consumers at a pressure between six and 16 bars, the energy tariff is 3.16 dinars per kWh, with a capacity of 5.71 dinars for off-peak to 14.12 dinars per kilowatt-hour for uneven consumption.

    The tariff „fee per place of delivery“ is unique for these consumers and it amounts to RSD 19,843.90. All the prices are stated excluding VAT.

    In mid-August, PE Srbijagas announced that from October 1, the capacity and energy tariffs would be expressed in kilowatt-hours instead of cubic meters.

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    Foto: Pixabay

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