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    Aleksandar Vučić

    President warns: This winter will be cold, but the next one will be POLAR

    This winter will be very cold for all of us, but the next one will be polar, for all of Europe, because it seems to me that no one wants a solution to the crisis in Ukraine, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic after talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Belgrade.

    Commenting on the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who „warned that Moscow will no longer deliver oil or gas to the countries that limit price“, Vucic said that the situation was complicated because „no one wants a compromise“.

    „I am afraid that everyone expects the defeat of the other side, not a compromise. If you think you can easily beat Russia… It remains for us to prepare for both a strong and a polar winter,“ he says.

    He also believes that EU measures for saving electricity and energy are „good and reasonable“

    „If we had not built TurkStream, we would not have had anything today,“ he said.

    Vucic added that an attempt was being made to write a letter to the European Commission within the Open Balkans Initiative.

    „We want to ask for help for the import of electricity, but also to see which measures we can take. It would be best to end the war and for both sides to strive for compromise solutions, but I do not want to seem stupid, I do not think that is possible,“ said the president of Serbia.

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