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    Momirovic: We invest EUR 400 million with the German bank KfW into utility infrastructure

    Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic has said that the investments that the ministry is making, together with the German development bank KfW, in the construction and modernization of utility infrastructure are close to 400 million euros, and that the newly built wastewater treatment plant in Krusevac is in line with EU standards.

    „We are absolutely committed to the sustainable use of natural resources, the protection of biodiversity and the environment in accordance with the goals of the ‘Green Agenda’ for the Western Balkans,“ the minister said after a meeting with KfW Bank CEO Christian Laibach and Krusevac’s Mayor Jasmina Palurovic and a tour of the plant.

    He emphasized that special focus would be put on the construction of wastewater treatment plants and the start of the construction of six plants very soon, as well as the construction of central landfills, one of which would be in Krusevac.

    The minister explained that a central wastewater treatment plant and 60 kilometres of sewage and collector network worth slightly more than EUR 26 million were built in Krusevac.

    In addition to state-of-the-art wastewater treatment technology, the plant in Krusevac also has a line for solar drying of sludge, which uses renewable solar energy instead of conventional forms of energy, the statement adds.

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