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    “Soko” train preventively slows down to 160 km/h

    For preventive reasons, the railway infrastructure company Infrastruktura zeleznice Srbije reduced the speed of trains from 200 to 160 kilometres per hour in two sections on the Belgrade – Novi Sad high-speed railway on January 10 this year.

    As stated in a press release, these are two-track sections with a total length of three kilometers, Stara Pazova – Indjija and Beska – Karlovacki vinogradi, where the speed of trains was reduced by 40 kilometres per hour.

    Therefore, the high-speed railway journey between Belgrade and Novi Sad takes only three to five minutes longer.

    The Party of Freedom and Justice (SPP) has said that the speed was reduced because locomotive engineers warned that there was a tremor of the sets on these sections.

    The Belgrade – Novi Sad high-speed railway, as stated by Infrastruktura zeleznice Srbije, is still in the warranty period, which is three years for these sections.

    „Within this period, the contractor on the high-speed railway is obliged to eliminate deficiencies in the railway infrastructure, if it is proved that they are the result of the execution of works. Infrastruktura zeleznice Srbije also has bank guarantees of the contractor, which can be activated,“ the press release says.

    It is added that the professional services of Infrastruktura železnice Srbije regularly visits and inspects in great detail the entire route of the Belgrade – Novi Sad high-speed railway. It is pointed out that after receiving objections to track geometry, as of Tuesday, the expert services have been preventively revisiting not only the two sections where this was observed, but also the entire railway route, in order to determine the factual situation.

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