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    Slovenian factory in Vlasotince dismisses more than 10% of employees

    Seventy employees of the Slovenian company Elrad for the production of electrical devices in Vlasotince are leaving the factory due to the lack of work, it was confirmed for the Beta agency, while 489 employees will remain in the factory.

    Director of Eldrad’s Human Resources Milica Stojkovic has said that the management tried to overcome the loss as easily as possible, and that there was no pressure in this regard.

    „There were 71 redundancies, but in the meantime the employer managed to find another position for one worker, leaving 70 of them,“ said Stojkovic.

    Workers were offered two options: an amicable termination of employment or a declaration of redundancy.

    Those who signed the amicable termination agreement will be paid in mid-January. The option to be redundant was chosen by 10 workers who, by law, will receive severance pays.

    For amicable termination, the employer offered a financial compensation higher than the statutory severance pay and unemployment benefit.

    According to the director, the position of employees is good in this case because they can be quickly employed by another employer.

    Nevertheless, some workers rejected both options, angry about losing their jobs, having worked in the factory since its foundation.

    Izvor: Beta

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