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    Kriptovalute, bitkoin (Unsplash) Narodna banka srbije

    NBS grants permit to cryptocurrency trade: This is a pioneering company

    The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) has granted a permit to cryptocurrency trade.

    The National Bank of Serbia has granted a permit for this activity to Vescon d.o.o., based in Belgrade, founded by David Veselinovic.

    This is certainly a big move for the domestic crypto market, and Vescon d.o.o., through its brand „crypto12″, i.e. the platform, provides services related to cryptocurrencies.

    “For us, as a team, this is very significant. We have been working on it for 13 months, we have had a lot of trouble, and we still have a lot of work to do. It is important that Serbia is an advanced country when it comes to cryptocurrencies. For our company, this is the most important thing in the last year, but I believe it is even more important for the domestic market, because people can now legally trade in crypto money, including legal entities that want to invest,“ David Veselinovic says in an interview with Telegraf.

    He also points out that Serbia, due to the Law on Digital Assets, is practically a pioneer in this field, but Veselinovic does not hide that they are facing various challenges, especially regarding the banking system.

    „Banks are subject to rigorous controls, so everything needs to be coordinated, so that we can carry out transactions within the banking system. We need a connection to the global system, because crypto is still considered a risky asset. Again, as he says, everything is regulated within Serbia, but on many markets it is not. One of the main challenges will be to prevent money laundering,“ Veselinovic explains.

    Although he was born in Austria, where he grew up, he decided to do business with cryptocurrencies in Serbia. For many years, Veselinovic has been managing his company in Belgrade, which provides services in the field of the prevention of money laundering, exclusively to foreign clients.

    „I have decided on cryptocurrencies because they are the future of the financial system, they allow each man to be ‘his own bank’. Cryptocurrencies cannot be compromised by inflation, they are not dependent on any state or central bank, and transactions are quick and simple. That is why I think the time of cryptocurrencies is yet to come, ” he points out.

    Izvor: Telegraf

    Foto: Pixabay/Unsplash

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