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    Siniša Mali, BDP

    Sinisa Mali reveals: State gave EUR 130 million to Red Star and Partizan, although they have tax debts

    Partizan and Red Star football and basketball clubs owe 25 million euros in taxes, said Finance Minister Sinisa Mali.

    In the morning program of Pink TV, he talked about details related to the business of football and basketball clubs Red Star and Partizan.

    Sinisa Mali: Serbia’s budget is affected

    It was pointed out that „eternal“ rivals owe huge amounts of money for taxes, which affects Serbia’s budget.

    „FC Red Star received 63.4 million euros from the state and sponsorship agreement with Gazprom from 2012 to this year, while FC Partizan received 14 million euros. At the same time, Red Star owes 859.7 million dinars for taxes, while Partizan owes 1.29 billion dinars,“ Mali told Pink TV.

    How much did they get?

    As he pointed out, BC Red Star received 26 million euros from the state in 10 years, and in the same period BC Partizan received 24.4 million euros from the state and the sponsorship agreement with NIS. Red Star owes 96.6 million dinars for taxes, and BC Partizan 649.7 million dinars.

    „That is seven million euros in debt from these two basketball clubs alone,“ he said, confirming that the finance ministry had done a detailed analysis of the business operations of football and basketball clubs.

    “This is an inherited problem that has lasted for decades. The problem is that it has become a habit to owe the state as much as you want, and to ask the state for help whenever you need to,“ Mali said.

    He pointed out that new kindergartens could be built for that amount of money, new buses could be bought and other projects could be completed.

    „I talked with President Vucic that the state should help find a strong foreign sponsor for Partizan to support it in the next ten years or so,“ Mali said.

    Izvor: Beta/021/Pink

    Foto: Beta/Milan Obradović

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