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    Serbian-US startup collects US$4 million for ground-breaking innovation in healthcare field

    A Serb, Vladimir Vukicevic, who went to the United States as a child for treatment, with his latest startup, Better & Better, raised US$4m from investors. The New York-based startup is in the business of producing vitamin toothpaste. Its quality and potential were also recognized by numerous investors from Serbia, from where as much as 40 percent of the total funds came. This investment in Better & Better will help launch products, further expand retail and growth, according to the company.

    The idea was born out of a desire to help people improve their health – without pills, unnecessary ingredients and additional costs. Energy toothpaste, which contains vitamin B12, necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system and D3, necessary for bone health, enables users to “microdose”, i.e. to take smaller doses of vitamins more often. 40-60 percent of useful substances are thus introduced, which is significantly more compared to 10-20 percent that we absorb through the gastrointestinal tract.

    Better & Better is the third in a series of startups initiated by Vukicevic, with the idea of improving people’s health through existing habits and products. Vukicevic’s interest in this topic is the result of the fact that as a child he fought with cancer, which contributed to the development of life-long habits, aimed at preserving health. It was the treatment for this disease that caused Vladimir to move to the USA.

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