Serbia will BUILD AN AIRPORT in Trebinje

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    Serbia will BUILD AN AIRPORT in Trebinje

    Serbia is currently in the largest investment cycle, through which billions of euros are invested in roads, high-speed railways, new airports and water transport, said Minister Tomislav Momirovic in East Sarajevo, adding that Serbia wants Republika Srpska to be part of that investment cycle as well.

    “We started working on a highway from Kuzmin, via Sremska Raca, and in the next phase, on which we talked about a lot, we will start from Raca towards Bijeljina.”

    The expropriation is complete and I am convinced that by the end of this year or the beginning of next year we will start working on connecting Bijeljina with Corridor 10 and the Republic of Serbia, and then from Bijeljina one branch will go towards Banja Luka and the other to Sarajevo, said Minister Momirovic, who attended a joint session of the Governments of Serbia and Republika Srpska in Sarajevo.

    As an extremely important and technologically challenging project that will bring economic and tourist prosperity to Trebinje, the entire Herzegovina and eastern Bosnia, Momirovic singled out the construction of an airport in Trebinje, noting that work is currently being done on the project-technical documentation.

    “Funds for expropriation have been set aside in the budget of the Republic of Serbia, and we expect to start construction works by the end of this or at the beginning of next year, for the purpose of realizing this project,” Momirovic said and the Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure announced.

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