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    Serbia to get National Stadium in 2025 that will cost EUR 257 million

    The long-announced project of the national stadium in Surcin should be made by 2025, and the construction price will amount to more than a quarter of a billion euros.

    This was confirmed by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and the Urban Institute of Belgrade.

    On Monday, the two institutions publicly presented the future design of the stadium and the complete collected documentation. The construction of the stadium will cost 257,000,000 euros and the stadium will have 52,000 seats.

    The future stadium will be located in the city municipality of Surcin, in the part of the Surcin field, east of the state road, near Belgrade Bypass, between the Surcin-south interchange and the Ostruznica interchange.

    One of the most modern stadiums, from the so-called Category Four, determined by UEFA, will be built on a total of 114 hectares of state-owned land, and the facility will have to meet very precise and strict standards of this organization and FIFA.

    A shopping center, a football academy, and probably a museum of the Football Federation of Serbia will be built within the entire complex, while a regular line of Belgrade train will go to the stadium.


    Izvor: Novosti

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