Serbia marked the World Environmental Health Day for the first time

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    Serbia marked the World Environmental Health Day for the first time

    The World Environmental Health Day, celebrated on September 26th all over the world, has been celebrated today in Serbia for the first time. This day is dedicated to pointing out the negative impact of the environment on human health. On this occasion, the media initiative “Science through stories” has organized a panel “How to reduce damage”, where scientists and representatives of companies talked about examples of positive practices, aimed at reducing damage to the environment and people (Harm reduction approach).

    Marija Mitrovic Dankulov, Head of the Innovation Centre at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, has reminded everyone of the historical example of a steam engine, which development spurred the industrial revolution, but at the same time caused unexpected negative consequences for the environment with which we must face. “Innovation represent the way in which we are confronted with challenges, but we need to think about the balance between positive and negative effects of innovations,” Mitrovic Dankulov, PhD, has said.

    While talking of the vision of “future without tobacco smoke,” Tamara Stankovic, Director of Corporate Affairs for Southeast Europe at the company Philip Morris International, has talked about research that led to their alternative tobacco products that have fewer negative effects on human health and the environment. “We were and are part of the problem when it comes to public health and environmental protection. Now we do our best to be part of the solution as well,” Stankovic has said, stating how this company invests in science and employs about 400 scientists at two research centres in Switzerland and Singapore.

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