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    A promise to mothers that the law „deprived“

    If you ask the Minister of Labour, Serbia is a country that takes care of mothers the most, and to „prove it“, he promises compensation for all mothers who are damaged by the Law on Financial Support to Families with Children.

    The Minister of Labour Zoran Djordjevic has said that he is proud Serbia is a country that cares of its mothers the most and „what is new is that it will take even better care of them and all those mothers who are damaged financially will be compensated.“

    „Mothers who were deprived of their financial benefits will be compensated, as we want our measures to succeed and give more to mothers. There will certainly be amendments to the Law on Financial Support for Families with Children,“ Djordjevic has said.

    Displeased with the Law that came into force on July 1st, pregnant and postpartum women, many accompanied by husbands and children, held a protest entitled „Moms are the law“ in front of the Serbian government on Tuesday, in order to point out certain discriminatory legal provisions.

    Based on the Law, some of them will receive very small monthly amounts during maternity or childcare leave, due to changes in the method of calculation. In some cases that was even RSD1,000 a month.

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