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    Serbia lies on mineral wealth worth US$200 billion

    Director of the Geological Survey, Dragoman Rabrenovic, has said that Serbia’s mineral treasure, not counting the new site at Zagubica, is worth almost US$200 billion.

    „All the companies engaged in explorations, once they confirm their reserves, submit this data to the Survey and it has real insight into the available reserves in this area,“ Rabrenovic told Insajder TV.

    He stated that the latest explorations from the area of Zagubica were expected, but that according to the first preliminary results, there were two or three deposits there.“If we make a rough estimate, it is three to four billion dollars just for gold,“ Rabrenovic said.

    The director of the Geological Survey stated that the mining royalties currently amounted to 5%.

    „If we roughly calculate for the production of gold in Bor, at the annual level, the annual royalties should be US$200 million, 40 percent of this amount goes to the local self-government, 60 percent to the state“, he said.

    Referring to the environmental consequences of gold mining, Rabrenovic said that geological exploration as a whole was safe, while mining and exploitation depended on the type of mineral raw material, but that „more than 90 percent of this process is safe“.

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