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    Sapic: Contract with Kentkart is terminated, Belgrade takes over charging tickets in public transport

    After the next session of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, when all formal and legal requirements should be met, the City of Belgrade will start controlling and charging for tickets through the newly formed company, announced Mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Sapic.

    “The city has terminated the contract with Kentkart, and the business of controlling and charging for tickets is taken over by the company we formed before the New Year. We also managed to make some routes more frequent.”

    However, in the city we have certain „deep systems“, which have nothing to do with political structures, they are people who, for example, do not want public transport to work better, to make the timetable more optimal, to know exactly how much gasoline is being used and how much is actually consumed and so on… I will do everything to protect Belgrade and its citizens from such people and introduce order wherever I can, Sapic said in Beogradska hronika TV show.

    Removal of rafts and moving of the zoo

    The mayor said that the rafts from the Sava Promenade would be removed at the beginning of spring. After the reconstruction, the Sava Quay will be landscaped and all three levels will be arranged – along the Sava River, the central green belt and the last one where there is a bicycle path and a promenade, Sapic announced.

    He also said that for several months now, talks had been held with families living in the part of Ada Ciganlija where the zoo should be relocated. „These are illegal or semi-legal houses and these people are being talked to, we do not want to leave them out on the street,“ he said.

    He added that talks with experts had been conducted and that it had been concluded that the conditions in which the animals currently lived were not good, because no animal had enough pace.

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