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    Minimalna zarada

    Serbian government: Minimum wage „faster“ than inflation

    At the session, the Government of Serbia adopted the Decision on the amount of the minimum salary for 2023 in the amount of RSD 40,020.

    The minimum labor price will increase by 14.3 percent, i.e. it will increase from RSD 201.22 per working hour to RSD 230, so the average minimum wage in 2023 will amount to RSD 40,020.

    „It is especially important that it has been achieved that the minimum wage grows in real terms faster than inflation, in order to preserve, but also improve, the quality of life of Serbian citizens,“ the report said.

    The Serbian government has extended the temporary ban on the export of Euro Diesel EN 590 for seven more days.

    Atanackovic: 14.3% is not little

    Member of the Social and Economic Council Nebojsa Atanackovic has said that the 14.3% increase in the minimum wage is not little regardless of inflation, given that many economic entities cannot increase the price of their products, and they do not have turnover they used to have.

    „We from the Employers’ Union agree with this decision, especially since the state has provided employers with certain benefits this time regarding the salaries of employees, because as the trade unions say that the minimum wage and the consumer basket should be equalized, we also want support for businessmen who also experience various difficulties,“ he told Tanjug.

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