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    Schools EXEMPT from austerity plan, waiting for NEW instructions

    The Education Ministry has welcomed the Energy Ministry’s decision to exempt schools and preschools from the energy saving plan.

    „We believe that this decision is in the interest of children and pupils and the smooth conduct of classes in optimal and legally prescribed conditions,“ the Education Ministry said in a press release.

    The ministry sent a letter earlier to schools, at the initiative and request of the Energy Ministry, referring to the austerity plan, recommendations and energy saving measures.

    „Considering the information on the exemption, we will consult the other ministries on providing further information to the institutions within the ministry’s competence,“ said the Education Ministry.

    After the letter on the austerity measure plan was received, one of the homeroom teachers went a step further, asking parents to dress the children warmer because „the state prescribed that the temperature can be a maximum of 20 degrees but also lower“.

    The Energy Ministry, however, said that this was not true and that the proposed recommendations for reducing electricity and thermal energy consumption did not include schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

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