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    Air Serbia responds: These are ACTUAL PRICES of Moscow – Belgrade flight tickets

    After the media reported that Air Serbia had raised manifold the fares on the flights from Moscow to Belgrade, the company issued a statement in order to deny these claims and announce the actual ticket prices.

    The statement says that yesterday and today in some domestic media, as well as on social networks, speculation and untrue claims appeared regarding the prices of tickets of Air Serbia’s flights between Belgrade and destinations in the Russian Federation.

    „Without talking about the reasons why certain media and persons would want to spread falsehoods about allegedly high ticket prices, in order to truthfully inform citizens, we want to provide precise information in this regard. Due to extremely high demand since March this year, tickets for Air Serbia flights between Belgrade and destinations in the Russian Federation can only be purchased several days, even weeks, in advance. For a long time, tickets for all flights in September have been sold out. When it comes to October, there are still only few tickets available in the first half of the month,“ the statement reads.

    According to their claims at the moment, the lowest available price for a one-way ticket in the economy class from Moscow to Belgrade starts at 397 euros. The most expensive one-way ticket available in the economy class from Moscow to Belgrade costs 567 euros.

    When it comes to return tickets from Moscow to Belgrade in the economy class, the lowest available price starts at 816 euros, and the highest price is 1156 euros. All prices are shown in total, i.e. with all the related fees included.

    As a reminder, many Russian citizens rushed to leave the country after President Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilization of 300,000 reservists who would participate in the invasion of Ukraine. As a result, flights from Moscow were overbooked, and some of the international companies repeatedly raised ticket prices.

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