SBB: Inspection wants to BAN DISCOUNT for users with e-invoice

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    SBB: Inspection wants to BAN DISCOUNT for users with e-invoice

    The SBB company announced today that the Market Inspection of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications had made a decision according to which the company should stop the implementation of the decision to reduce bills by RSD 100 to all users who had decided to receive e-invoices.

    The business decision of the SBB company to give up the income in the amount of RSD 100, granting a discount to all users who decide to receive invoices electronically, rather than by mail, according to the decision of the Market Inspection, is a violation of the Consumer Protection Act, according to a press release issued by SBB.

    “Users who have already switched to e-invoices are hereby informed that we consider that the inspection order is illegal, which is why SBB filed an appeal, and will take up all other available legal remedies, if the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications leaves the disputed and harmful decision of the Market Inspector in force”, said SBB.

    Electronic invoices will be issued at the same amount, according to SBB, because, as they point out in the press release, they want to do everything to support their users who, jointly with them, decided to protect the environment.

    SBB believes that every socially responsible company should contribute to this important topic.

    On May 1, SBB increased the prices of all services by RSD 100 and advised users about this decision.

    The company grants a discount in the amount of RSD 100 to all SBB users who switch to or already use an e-invoice.

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