"Greatest number of ill people comes from Greece and Croatia"

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    “Greatest number of ill people comes from Greece and Croatia”

    All healthcare workers must be immunised, there is no dilemma about that, all those who come into contact with patients, says epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovic.

    The increase in the number of new cases of infection that we are currently recording is not surprising, having in mind that numerous Serbian tourists are coming back from countries where the epidemic situation is much worse. The growth that we are oberving now will continue – experts agree.

    Epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovic said for RTS TV that the summer period showed that all of us had relaxed, that citizens adhered to certain measures, but not all.

    “This is visible in shopping centres, at sporting events and in catering facilities, while outdoors, in addition to social distancing, other measures are not that important,” Tiodorovic said.

    “Greatest number of ill people comes from Greece and Croatia”

    He added that, although many did not agree, it definitely seemed that most of the patients in covid hospitals had come from hotspots – Greece, Croatia and due to non-compliance with the measures, and that that was why more rigorous control was necessary.

    He adds that everybody wants the school year to start regularly.

    “We cannot pressure children as young as 12 to be immunised, if the results with the adults are not satisfactory” the epidemiologist pointed out. 

    Izvor: RTS

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