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    RTV finally gets acting director

    The Board of Directors of Radio-televizija Vojvodine (RTV) has appointed Jozef Klem as acting general manager of the provincial public broadcaster.

    The Board made its decision at an electronic session, and before today’s appointment Klem held the position of deputy general manager of RTV.

    Over the past year, he has practically been the head of RTV since the term of general manager Miodrag Koprivica expired.

    At today’s session, the Board of Directors of RTV did not announce a competition for a new general manager.

    The decision of the Board of Directors was preceded by a meeting of the members of the REM Council with the representative trade unions of RTV, who requested the urgent appointment of the acting director of that media company since the employment contract of Jozef Klem would have expired on the following day and he would have retired, and RTV would have lost its legal representative.

    That meeting was held on June 24, when it was also agreed that the Board of Directors should appoint an acting director by July 5.

    Representative trade unions had previously filed criminal charges against all members of the Board of Directors of RTV for malpractice.

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