RSD 217 billion dinars were spent incorrectly in 2017

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    RSD 217 billion dinars were spent incorrectly in 2017

    President of the State Audit Institution (SAI) and State Auditor- General Dusko Pejovic said that last year’s audits showed that RSD 217 billion of budget funds were incorrectly spent in Serbia in 2017.

    Beneficiaries of public funds that made the biggest mistakes and recorded the biggest irregularities were municipalities, towns, public enterprises, utility enterprises, as well as health institutions, said Pejovic in an interview with the “Vecernje novosti” daily.

    He pointed out that business irregularities are primarily related to public procurements, taking over liabilities exceeding approved appropriations, calculation and payment of salaries and wages, payments without legal grounds and without valid documentation, preparation and adoption of financial plans and budget, inventory of assets and liabilities.

     “The main cause for these irregularities among users of public funds is that the internal control system does not function with sufficient efficiency and functionality. Furthermore, one needs to increase integrity and competence among management as well as staff,” Pejovic said.

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