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    RICHEST citizen of Serbia earned 11 million euros last year

    The richest citizen of Serbia earned almost 11 million euros in 2020, that is, he had a monthly income of more than 914 thousand euros, according to the data published by the Tax Administration of Serbia.

    This year, a total of 30,290 citizens of our country reported the annual income tax, and those are the citizens who earned more than 2,987,424 dinars in 2020. The novelty is that the top of the list of the „most profitable“ professions now includes another profession – lawyer.

    According to the data of the Tax Administration of Serbia, there is an increasing number of citizens whose incomes exceed three average Serbian salaries. This year, tax administrators received a total of 30,290 annual personal income tax returns for 2020. Last year, there were 27,866 of these tax returns.

    The range of income is also higher – while officially the richest citizen of Serbia (who earned the most through the accounts) earned 749 million dinars last year, this year that amount is as high as 1.29 billion dinars.

    Furthermore, the share of men in this statistic is increasing – now, in the total number of reported citizens, as many as 91 percent are men, while in 2020 there were 88 percent of them.

    Among the first hundred with the highest reported income, 87 are domestic citizens, and 13 are foreigners.

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