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    ElevenEs gets funding and support from EIT InnoEnergy for building battery factory

    By 2030, Europe will need 14 times more batteries than it produces today. The reason for this is the growing use of electric vehicles, as well as the energy storage market, which requires batteries for stabilizing energy systems due to the growing share of renewable energy sources.

    Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (LFP), which are characterized by a long service life, affordable price and greater safety, are gaining an increasingly important role on the market of batteries, which is growing significantly.

    ElevenEs, an industrial development project of the multinational company Al Pack Group, which specializes in aluminium processing and has been operating on the packaging market for 25 years, has developed its own technology for the production of lithium-iron-phosphate batteries that are more sustainable and efficient.

    After two years of research and development of LFP lithium-ion batteries, the company recently opened a modern research and development centre in Subotica, where it employs an international team of engineers and scientists.

    According to Nemanja Mikac, founder and CEO of ElevenEs, this type of battery is the most popular choice on the market of China, which is a global leader in this battery technology.

    By 2023, the ElevenEs factory in Subotica will be able to produce LFP batteries with a total capacity of 300 MWh per year. The construction of the second phase of the 8 GWh plant, which will fully use energy from renewable sources, will begin in 2024.


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