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    Revision increases provincial budget by RSD 800 million

    The deputies of the Assembly of Vojvodina adopted the provincial budget revision, based on which the budget for 2021 would be increased by RSD 800 million.

    This means that instead of the original projection of around 75 billion, the provincial budget for this year, after three revisions, will amount to 82.5 billion dinars.

    As stated in the Provincial Government, this is explained by increased revenues, primarily from corporate income tax.

    Fiscal deficit will remain at the projected amount of RSD 3.7 billion even after the revision.

    Most of the increase in the budget of Vojvodina will be used to continue the construction and equipping of the health institute „Kamenica 3“ with a PET center.

    The majority of deputies supported the plan to expand the dam on the Tisza River near Novi Becej due to the increase in trade with Hungary, and they also voted for the reports on the operations of the Guarantee Fund and the Agricultural Development Fund.

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