Resentful farmers against HARMFUL ban on corn export

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    Resentful farmers against HARMFUL ban on corn export

    Some farmers’ associations have asked for the abolition of “harmful measures banning corn export”.

    As stated by the Association “Pancevo’s Farmers”, the Association “Agrarian Forum” Pancevo and the Association “Civil Disobedience” Dolovo, this measure should be urgently abolished, because corn is still in the farmers’ barns, as well as wheat, which is mostly in the traders’ stores.

    The associations note that the farmers are outraged because they have not been able to sell “a kilogram of corn for survival” so far, and the spring sowing is at risk, because the price of corn has dropped by five or six dinars per kilogram, which significantly reduces the funds for spring sowing.

    As they state, it is perhaps better to sow only on the highest quality plots, and leave the rest of the land to “rest”, as the Germans do every four or five years.

    “This harmful regime has created chaos just before the beginning of spring sowing – instead of buying the market surplus of cereals in the offer for the state commodity reserves of 200,000 to 400,000 tons, as it was done in previous years, and we have proposed it in recent decades, the harmful regime is blocking its own internal sale of goods by rigorous administrative measures, by banning the export of cereals,” according to the signatories of the press release.

    According to them, knowing that farmers in Vojvodina are exclusively export-oriented, they are the most damaged and economically weakened.

    “The declarative advocating for joining the European Union is collapsing, because this regime is doing everything contrary to the EU policy, where the market and the flow of goods are free,” the associations said.

    Izvor: 021, FoNet

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