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    Requirement for super-paid special forces: Primary school is sufficient

    Defence Minister Milos Vucevic issued a decision stipulating that members of the Army, including special forces, could also be persons with completed primary school.

    Criteria for citizens who apply for a public competition or who are directly admitted to special units and „Cobras“ are the completed level of education, basic psychological assessment of candidates, medical and health assessment, entrance physical fitness check, security check and selective training, to which candidates who meet the previous criteria will be sent.

    Selective training is carried out in accordance with the approved plan and program of the unit which is admitting new members, and after its completion, the list of candidates will be formed according to the criteria: completed level of education (20 percent of the total number of points), basic psychological assessment of the candidate (20 percent), and the key score is based on selective training (60 percent).

    Completed level of education is scored depending on the acquired degree of professional qualification: five points for primary school, 10 for secondary school of the third degree and 20 for secondary school of the fourth degree or higher levels of education.

    Basic psychological assessment of candidates will be done in accordance with the regulations and instructions on psychological activity in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, and additional psychological selection is an integral part of selective training.

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