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    Request for FAIR reduction in the price of heating

    The Consumers’ Association Efektiva has sent the Energy Secretariat of the City of Belgrade a request for a fair price reduction for the heating season 2022-23 to all tariff buyers on the territory of the city, who are users of the services of the public utility company Beogradske elektrane.

    „Considering that the duration of the heating season was reduced by 15 days, which represents 8.33 percent of the total duration of the heating season, and that there was no thermal energy delivered in that period, we propose the reduction in consumer bills by the same percentage for a period of 12 months,“ said the Efektiva Consumers’ Association.

    They recalled that according to the Decision on the Supply of Thermal Energy of the City of Belgrade as well as Article 80 of the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer has the right to file a complaint and request price reduction for the duration of poor quality heating.

    Earlier, the Association filed a request for inspection and initiation of misdemeanor charges against Beogradske elektrane due to what they said was an unfounded delay in the heating season.

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