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    Mr. Minister: Vesic’s crown of career

    Candidate for Minister of Transport, Construction and Infrastructure, Goran Vesic, has said that the candidacy is a recognition of his work so far and „the most important job in his long career“.

    „We will continue the policy of continuity, it is the policy led by Aleksandar Vucic, and each of us can make some personal contribution to that policy, but it is that policy that is being pursued,“ Vesic told Happy TV.

    He pointed out that the ministry, which he will be in charge of, includes a lot of areas, and that „the development of infrastructure is the key to the development of entire Serbia“.

    „This accident that happened recently with the bridge in Ovcar Banja shows the need to pass a law on infrastructure maintenance. One of Serbia’s problems is that no one maintains the infrastructure that is built, so there are bridges and other infrastructure facilities for which no one knows who is maintaining them,“ Vesic said.

    „We will define the cadastre of infrastructure, we will list all the infrastructure facilities and we will know exactly who is responsible for the maintenance of which infrastructure facility, whether it is local self-government, a local enterprise, republic, a republic enterprise.“

    „When you invest in infrastructure maintenance, reconstructions that have to be done after a while cost less,“ Vesic said.

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