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    Outgoing minister regrets nothing, while tonight we imported electricity for EUR 2.2 million

    Serbia imported electricity worth 2.2 million euros last night, outgoing Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic said, noting that she did not feel responsible for the situation in the power company Elektroprivreda Srbije.

    In the shadow of her „farewell“ press conference, at which Mihajlovic talked about the success of her department, saying that „there is no reason to regret anything“, „incidental“ information came out that last night we spent more than two million euros of state money on electricity import.

    „Serbia imported electricity last night, and we spent 2.2 million euros on that. I think it is clear who is responsible for EPS, that is why this ministry filed criminal charges,“ Minister Mihajlovic emphasized and once again pointed out that she did not feel responsible for the situation in EPS.

    She noted that there would be an opportunity to discuss what had happened in the past two years. „Regarding Elektroprivreda Srbije, if it does not change something in its management, I think there will be a lot of problems. This ministry, when it was formed two years ago, immediately made an analysis and reported to everyone above us about the problems in EPS. We reacted in time and I am sorry that we were not in this ministry in previous years, because we would not be in this situation,“ she said.

    “As for the situation in energy– there is enough of everything. But I would leave that to the new minister who is coming, she will get the report and we will be there to help as much as possible so that she can do this job appropriately and normally,“ Mihajlovic stressed.

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