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    Representatives of CHF Serbia stopped negotiations with banks

    The representatives of the civic association CHF Serbia have stopped negotiations with banks on solving the problems of their loans in Swiss francs because, as they say, it was not possible to agree on the disputable issues.

    The meeting was interrupted due to the banks’ request that the announced lex specialis must contain a provision whereby the contracts concluded with the loan users are legalized, although the position of the Supreme Court of Cassation was the opposite.

    The association did not want to agree on a provision that would prevent anyone who agrees to the loan conversion from further realization of full compensation at the court.

    „In fact, we request that, if there is anything that can be disputable, it should be a legal risk for the banks, not the state of Serbia,“ N1 TV was told by representative of the association CHF Serbia Jelena Pavlovic.

    As stated on the B92 website, member of the Managing Board of the Association CHF Serbia, Marko Vasic, has said that they participated in the negotiations because they have been trying to talk to banks since 2010, and this was the first chance for everyone to sit at one table and state their views.

    Izvor: N1, B92

    Foto: Pixabay

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