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    New prices of „commercial“ stay on Stara Planina

    Those who want to take photos of the Stara Planina Nature Park for commercial purposes will have to pay RSD 2,000 per day in the future, and those who want to sleep in a tent on this mountain will have to pay RSD 30 a day per square meter of a tent.

    Half a month ago, the Decision on fees for the use of the protected area of the Stara Planina Nature Park was adopted, determining new prices for the use of the protected area, and the new price list of the Public Enterprise Srbijasume brings some interesting data.

    The annual fee for camper trailers is RSD 3,800, and the owners of cottages and holiday villas will pay RSD 100 dinars per square meter. Every square meter of a restaurant, fast food facility, a bar or a tavern will cost the owners RSD 800, it is stated in the decision.

    The new price list stipulates that the owner of a hotel must pay an annual fee of RSD 1,200 per bed, and the owner of a house rented for rural tourism RSD 430.

    The collectors of mushrooms, medicinal herbs and forest fruits will pay an annual fee of RSD 1,800, and if they want to pick mushrooms for seven days they will pay RSD 450, and one day of collecting mushrooms and plants in the forest will cost RSD 120.

    On the other hand, the annual fee that hunters will pay is only RSD 1,000, while at the daily level it amounts to RSD 225.

    The shooting of movies costs RSD 12,250 per day, RSD 5,000 for documentaries and RSD 20,000 per day for shooting commercials, the decision says.

    The money that will thus be collected will be used for the protection, development and improvement of the Stara Planina Nature Park, reports the portal Juzne vesti.

    Izvor: Južne vesti

    Foto: Pixabay

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