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    Reconstruction starts, here is what Beogradjanka building will look like (PHOTO)

    The company Marera Properties has started the reconstruction of the Belgrade Palace, the famous Beogradjanka building, in the adaptation of which over 8 million euros will be invested. The planned works refer to the reconstruction of the space from the 5th to the 23rd floor of the building that the company recently bought from the City of Belgrade, in the public bidding procedure.

    The reconstruction will take place in phases, while the completion of the works is planned for the very end of 2021, when Beogradjanka building will offer the domestic market the possibility of renting office space of the highest quality, in accordance with global standards and current trends.

    „We are managing the entire project of the reconstruction of Beogradjanka building keeping in mind the interests of our fellow citizens. We are proud of the architectural design that will emphasize the universality and timelessness of the old solution of the architect Branko Pesic, through modern processing, the highest quality materials and the new energy of the spatial concept. I would like to point out that there is a lot of interest on the market for office space within this project, both among existing and new, potential tenants. In this phase of works, over 60 percent of the space has already been rented,“ said Milana Sreckov, director of the company Marera Properties.

    Improving the building’s energy efficiency

    In addition to the already mentioned green zones, which are designed as parks, the works will also include the replacement of glass surfaces on the facade, as well as the complete reconstruction of the main entrance to the building.

    Inside Beogradjanka building, Marera Properties will create a completely new space, with a modern and functional design.

    Izvor: BIZlife

    Foto: Promo

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