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    Kon admits: WE ARE LATE with measures

    Epidemiologist Predrag Kon has said that we are „certainly late“ with the tightening of measures to suppress the latest wave of the coronavirus epidemic in Serbia.

    He told N1 TV that the medical part of the Crisis Staff for the suppression of the epidemic had been proposing the introduction of stricter measures since mid-October.

    „It is clear that the situation was not understood enough. The medical members are not the only ones involved, but there is also an extremely serious argument regarding the economic aspect, because you have a huge number of people who should be completely excluded from the opportunity to work. „When some measures are not accepted by the entire Crisis Staff, it is as simple as that, everyone bears their share of responsibility,“ said Kon.

    He stated that only the decision regarding schools and kindergartens was made at the session of the Crisis Staff, and that there was no discussion of closing hospitality services, which was advocated for by the medical part of the staff.

    „We asked for closure, not at 6 pm, but at 5 pm, with a much more massive closure. It is clear that everyone has the same goal, to reduce the number of contacts and the possibility of transmitting the virus,“ said the epidemiologist.

    He noted that the current epidemiological situation in Serbia was „very critical, even catastrophic somewhere“.

    „Catastrophic means that you practically have no place to accommodate people in this case. It is also catastrophic that the number of deaths and registered patients is constantly increasing. This refers to entire Serbia, Belgrade stands out a little bit. It is too early to talk about securing the flattening of the curve, but there has been some flattening, although there could also be another increase,“ said Kon.

    Asked about the non-compliance with the measures during the funeral of Patriarch Irinej, Kon said that the consequences of non-compliance with epidemiological measures during the funeral would manifest in about seven days.

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