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    Rare and expensive PRODUCTS from Serbia – RSD 8,000 for 50 grams of cheese

    Serbia has something to offer even to those who are wealthy, i.e. exclusive, rare and expensive products. In the spring, a donkey farm will be opened in Bobovo near Svilajnac, from which donkey milk and products should arrive on the Serbian and European markets in the upcoming years, reports the Dnevnik daily. Donkey milk is currently priced between EUR 40 and EUR 50 per liter. The Zasavica Special Nature Reserve already offers donkey products on the market, thus a deciliter of donkey milk liqueur is sold for RSD 1,150, while 50 grams of donkey cheese, a unique and the most expensive cheese in the world, cost as much as RSD 7,800, the Novi Sad-based newspaper reports. The same amount of regular donkey cheese costs RSD 6,000. The shop that sells donkey cheese and liqueur also sells cosmetic products, including a facial night cream with donkey milk at the price of RSD 3,000, while soap made with donkey milk costs RSD 600. The shop also offers kulen sausages made of horse meat, which cost RSD 3,000 per kilogram. Pork has increased in price in recent months and consumers buy it less and less often, but this has not affected the supply of mangulitsa pork meat on our market. While a kilogram of ordinary bacon costs about RSD 800, mangulitsa bacon costs as much as RSD 1,500. The situation is similar when it comes to kulen sausages – a kilogram of mangulitsa kulen costs RSD 6,000 and mangulitsa ham RSD 2,400, while a kilogram of mangulitsa fat costs RSD 500, although the price of these products made from ordinary pigs is up to five times lower.

    Izvor: Dnevnik

    Foto: Pixabay

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