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    Putevi Srbije spent millions on employees’ lawsuits

    In the last three years, the public company Putevi Srbije has lost disputes in more than 70 proceedings at the Novi Sad court launched by workers against one sector, reveals

    In most cases (63), this is the payment of material damage due to the violation of the right to equal pay for the same work, i.e. payment for shift work and work during the holidays.

    The sums stated in the verdicts, which the company must pay to the workers, range from 100,000 to more than 300,000 dinars per proceeding.

    This is evident from 74 verdicts from 2020, 2021 and 2022, which received from the Novi Sad Basic Court through a request for access to information of public importance.

    As confirmed for the Novi Sad portal by Putevi Srbije, all the proceedings conducted by workers against this company refer to the Tolling Sector. As it can be seen in the example of the court in Novi Sad, all the verdicts were in favour of the workers.

    All claims for damages resemble one another. Thus, one states that the employer acted contrary to the Labour Law by giving one group of employees in the same jobs more rights than the others. Because of this act, the judge found that the workers suffered damage.

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